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Play Novomatic's classic slot machine: Hot Cubes Dice

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of Hot Cubes Dice, a simple yet captivating online casino game.

Developed by Novomatic (Greentube), this game stands out for its simplicity and minimalism.

With sober graphics and an absence of complex bonus features, Hot Cubes offers an authentic and enjoyable gaming experience.

This online casino game appeals to newcomers and experienced players alike. At Madison Casino, discover this playful nugget now.

What is the Hot Cubes online casino game?

The online casino game Hot Cubes is a captivating slot machine that offers a gaming experience as enjoyable as it is entertaining.

With a return to player rate (RTP) of 95.66%, players can look forward to exciting and potentially lucrative gaming sessions. Whether you're new to or experienced in the world of online casino games, Hot Cubes offers entertainment accessible to all.

Developed by the renowned Novomatic company, this game is a true arcade classic, testifying to its quality and timeless appeal.

With five reels and five paylines, Hot Cubes offers a perfect balance between simplicity and winning potential, making every spin an exciting adventure.

Important information to remember about the online slot game Hot Cubes:

  • Casino game type: Video slot

  • Game theme: Simplistic dice game with a modern twist

  • Software publisher: Novomatic (Greentube)

  • Volatility: High

  • Possibility of winning up to 50,000 euros in Super Winner mode

  • Grid configuration: 5x3

  • Winning lines: 5

  • Minimum stake: €0.05

  • Maximum stake: €50.00

  • Features: Betting function, Super Winner mode, Scatter symbols

  • Rate of return to player (RTP): 95.66%.

What is a Dice Slot?

Dice Slots are very popular in Belgian online casinos. They mix traditional slot machines with dice, as in the famous Hot Cubes.

Instead of classic symbols, dice are used. This makes the game unique and exciting. Players win by making dice combinations. Dice Slot offers a dynamic and attractive gaming experience.

How to play Hot Cubes

Handling Hot Cubes, Novomatic's slot machine, is simple and straightforward, making it an ideal choice for all types of player.

The basic configuration includes five reels and five paylines, with bets ranging from €0.05 total to €50 per spin. The simplicity of this game doesn't stop there: there are no complex bonus features, making the gaming experience clear and accessible.

One of the most exciting features of Hot Cubes is the betting option. After each win, you have the chance to bet your winnings in a simple card guessing game.

A playing card is presented face down and you must choose between Red or Black. If you guess correctly, your winnings are doubled. This feature offers a fair chance to double your winnings, with odds of success of 1 in 2.

How to win at Hot Cubes

Winning at Hot Cubes doesn't require complex strategies. The key lies in understanding the simple dice combinations that can generate wins.

You don't need to line up symbols on all five reels to win; often, three identical dice on a payline can already guarantee a profit. This structure simplifies the gaming process while maintaining the excitement of every spin.

The effective strategy is to manage your bets wisely and use the betting feature wisely. Betting wisely can not only maximize your winnings but also extend your playing time, increasing your chances of hitting on winning combinations. Enjoy the gaming experience offered by Hot Cubes at Madison Casino, where simplicity meets the potential for attractive winnings.

Hot Cubes slot game features and symbols

Hot Cubes, offered by Novomatic, is a slot machine distinguished by its simplicity and straightforward approach to online casino gaming.

Without the complexities of free spins or progressive jackpots, this game relies on the appeal of dice symbols to captivate players.

Special symbols and their meanings

Each die in Hot Cubes has a unique color and is associated with specific payoffs.

For example, red dice can offer higher payouts compared to blue or green dice, creating an easy-to-understand hierarchy of value for players.

In addition to their visually appealing appearance, these dice serve as the key to unlocking potential winnings, with each combination of three or more dice on a payline activating a win.

Bonus features: The betting function

Hot Cubes' main bonus feature is the betting function. After each win, players have the option of betting their win amount.

In this mini-game, a playing card is displayed face-down and players must choose between Red or Black. If the prediction is correct, the payout is doubled. This adds an element of risk and excitement to the game, allowing players to potentially increase their winnings significantly.

Although Novomatic's Hot Cubes doesn't feature traditional bonus games or wild symbols, it does offer a unique feature that can significantly increase players' winnings.

This feature is known as the Super Winner Mode. To activate this mode, players must obtain a specific combination involving a white die and a red symbol that looks like a 'J'. When this combination is lined up, players have the opportunity to multiply their bet by up to 1,000 times.

So, with a maximum bet of €50 per spin, players can potentially add up to €50,000 to their balance, transforming a simple spin into a significant win.

In addition to the Super Winner mode, Hot Cubes also features scatter symbols, which add another dimension to the game.

These scatter symbols are represented by white dice adorned with stars. Not only are they visually distinctive, but they also play a crucial role in helping to complete winning combinations.

Scatter symbols can often be the missing link that allows players to complete successful combinations, increasing the chances of big wins.

Casino players' opinions on the Hot Cubes slot machine

Player feedback on the Hot Cubes slot machine is overwhelmingly positive. Users particularly appreciate the simplicity of the game which, combined with its unique features such as the Super Winner mode and scatter symbols, offers a gaming experience that is both accessible and exciting.

Novice and veteran players alike will find plenty to like in the ease of use and high payout possibilities presented by Hot Cubes. The game's minimalist design and intuitive user interface are also frequently cited as strengths.

Hot Cubes demo mode: Max Win

Hot Cubes demo mode allows players to familiarize themselves with the game without risking real money.

This demo version faithfully reproduces the full game experience. It allows users to try out different betting strategies and see in practice how the dice combinations and special features work.

Demo mode: free spins

Demo mode allows players to enjoy endless gaming sessions. This provides a valuable opportunity to explore the game thoroughly and understand the earning potential without any financial commitment.

Play for free or with real money

Hot Cubes offers the flexibility to play either in demo mode or with real money. This mode allows players to choose the option that best suits their needs and playing style.

Playing for free is a great way to relax without the pressure of betting, while playing for real money adds a layer of excitement and the possibility of substantial winnings.

Play Hot Cubes for free on mobile without downloading

Hot Cubes is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go without the need for downloads.

The mobile version of Hot Cubes maintains all the features and functionality of the desktop version. It offers a smooth and engaging gaming experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Hot Cubes: Your online slot at Madison Casino

At Madison Casino, Hot Cubes is one of our most popular slot machines. We're proud to offer this captivating game from Novomatic (Greentube), which combines classic gameplay with modern touches to create a truly memorable online casino experience.

What's more, you should know that other versions of Hot Cubes have been created by Greentube. They're called Always Hot Cubes and Supra Hot Cubes.

Whether you choose to play for fun or try your luck with real money, Hot Cubes promises exceptional gaming moments and exciting winning opportunities.

See for yourself why Hot Cubes is the favorite choice of many players at Madison Casino.