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Art. 1 Introduction

Art. 2 Publisher

Art. 3 Services offered

Art. 4 Definitions

Art. 5 General provisions

Art. 6 User Account

  1. Registration

  2. Access to Madisoncasino

  3. Processing and management of personal data

  4. Close account

Art. 7 Payment rules

  1. Deposits

  2. Withdrawals

  3. Security

Art. 8 Participation

  1. Bets and wins

  2. Technical interruptions

  3. Balance and bonus

Art. 9 Disputes

Art. 10 Intellectual property

Art. 11 Responsible gaming

  1. Playing break


This contract regulates the use of the services provided by and comes into force as soon as you accept the Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “the Terms”) upon registration. By accepting, you confirm to us that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions. By using the website you confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions. We expressly reserve the right to modify, amend or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time.

It is essential that you are aware of current laws in your jurisdiction prior to registering. Certain games of chance are restricted by law in some countries and may be indefinitely prohibited by law in others.


The following company is the publisher of the website

TK SA is a company incorporated under Belgian law, with its registered office at 6730 Tintigny, Rue des Artisans, Poncelle 2, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0473.495.996. TK SA hold an B licence under Belgian law for the operation of offline games of chance in a Class II establishment and an additional B+ licence under Belgian law for the operation of games of chance via information society tools.

Hereinafter referred to as “Madisoncasino”.

Green Island NV is a company incorporated under Belgian law, with its registered office at Treft 33, 1853 Grimbergen, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0422.851.308. Green Island NV holds an E license under Belgian law for the sale, rental, leasing, delivery, posting, import, export, production, maintenance, repair and equipment services of games of chance and is the platform provider for the website.


Madisoncasino offers users a legally authorized online gaming experience, approved by the Belgian Gaming Commission. The offer consists of games of chance.


The words and terms below, when used in this contract, have the meaning given here, unless the context explicitly implies otherwise.

Balance is the personal account of a user at Madisoncasino, in which funds can be credited or debited under certain conditions.

Bonus is a monetary amount that is added to the bonus balance of the user account, which can be used , in certain cases, at certain times and on certain games as a stake and, in certain cases, be withdrawn after predetermined conditions, including but not limited to playthrough conditions, are met.

The competent authorities are the Belgian authorities.

The contract is the contractual relationship with the user managed by the terms and conditions.

Financial institution is a bank and/or other institution, subject to the applicable national regulations regarding financial or similar services.

Force Majeure refers to any event or situation that transcends a person’s reasonable control and leads to the Party concerned being temporarily or definitively unable to fulfil its contractual obligation. Regarding this contract, the term force majeure includes superior force (including the refusal or cancellation of the necessary license), war, pandemic, riot and / or any cause beyond the control of the party whose performance is affected thereby.

Free spins are free or partially free periods of play in online games of chance which can be added to a user account under certain conditions.

Game session is the period between the start-up and shutdown of a game, in which one or more periods of play may take place.

Loyalty is a rating system for each user, based on his/her stakes, deposits, etc.

Period of play is the time from the Stake until the result.

The playthrough is the number of times or the amount that must be bet for each bonus before any winnings, under certain conditions, may be withdrawn. For most games, the full bet contributes to the playthrough. In Video Poker the playthrough only counts for 30% of the total bet. For example: The user receives €10,00 bonus with a playthrough x30. This means that a total amount of bets of €300,00 is required before the bonus credits are transferred to the withdrawable balance. Each time the user bets €1,00, this will contribute to the playthrough, meaning the user now only have to bet a total of €299,00 before the playthrough is reached.

politically exposed person is a natural person who is or has been entrusted with prominent public functions as determined in the Law of 18 September 2017 on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and on the restriction of the use of cash.

family member is a person as determined in art. 4, 29°, a), b), or c) in the Law of 18 September 2017 on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and on the restriction of the use of cash.

person known to be close associates is a natural person as determined in art. 4, 30°, a) or b) in the Law of 18 September 2017 on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and on the restriction of the use of cash.

The Stake is the entire financial means that the user makes available to the risk of a game.

A user is a natural person who has a contractual relationship with Madisoncasino for online games and uses one or more services offered by Madisoncasino.

User account is an account of a user which is solely used to participate in the services of Madisoncasino.

The website is the internet gateway, accessible at the internet address


Access to and use of Madisoncasino is subject to these terms and conditions. By opening and using Madisoncasino every user explicitly, unconditionally and irrevocably accepts that he/she and their legal successors are bound by these Terms.

Madisoncasino reserves the right to amend and update these Terms without prior warning. In case of an amendment or update of these Terms, the users will be noticed of important modifications at the next login to Madisoncasino. This change must be explicitly accepted by each user. If a user does not accept, he will no longer be able to play. In such events, the user can close his user account and withdraw his remaining funds.

Madisoncasino will bear no responsibility in case of a force majeure or in the event of a technical problem that was not caused by Madisoncasino.

If a user is in breach of these Terms, Madisoncasino will have the right to refuse a withdrawal, void any credits and close the user account.

Any reference in these Terms to words / topics in the singular also apply to the plural thereof. References to a specific gender are non-binding and are of an informative nature only.

The titles and subdivisions used in these Terms are purely indicative. The content of the provisions of these terms and conditions apply at all times, unless otherwise specified.

References to time period such as days/week/month must be read and interpreted as calendar days/ calendar week/ calendar month, unless otherwise specified.

A Dutch, French and English version of the Terms and Conditions are available. The English version will be decisive in case translation in another language is unclear or differing.

The governing law is the Law of Belgium. Users must comply with the applicable Belgian legislation.


1. Registration

Each user needs a user account that is created upon registration in order to participate to games of chance.

Registration at Madisoncasino is only permitted for natural persons who are legally competent and at least 21 years old. In order to register, the user will need to input the following identity details which will be used to verify with the Gaming Commission if the user is allowed to play:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Birthplace

  • Date of birth

  • National number for Belgian residents

  • Identification number for non-Belgian residents

  • Nationality

  • Address

  • Valid email address

  • Gender

  • Phone number

The user agrees and guarantees that the identity details that he uses for registration are his and are correct. The user declares he will update his personal details in his user account immediately if there are any changes. Last name, first name, national number and date of birth are unique identifiers for each user and cannot be changed after registration unless sufficient proof is provided and all changes to this data regarding identification are carried out in accordance with the laws of the country of residence.

The user is obliged to immediately inform Madisoncasino in the event that he is a politically exposed person, is a family member of a politically exposed person or is known to be closely associated with a politically exposed person.

It is not allowed to register multiple user accounts. A user can only have one active user account. If a user does have more than one user account, these will be closed without prior warning. No bonus or credits allocated to one of the deleted user accounts will be transferred to the remaining user account.

Any user who uses false details to register commits identity fraud and will have his user account closed without prior warning. Credits on the user account will be deemed invalid and will be void and reset to zero without prior warning.

With his registration, the user declares not to be a member of the Belgian police force, a judge, notary or bailiff. With his registration, the user also declares not to be included in the EPIS excluded persons list of the Belgium Gaming Commission.

Furthermore, the user ensures and declares, at all time:

  • That he does not have any limited legal capacity.

  • That he does not act on behalf of or for the benefit of another party.

  • That he has not been classified or diagnosed as a pathological gambler or as a problem gambler in general, and/or been included (either voluntary or not) in a database of excluded players or problem gamblers in general.

  • That the funds he deposits on Madisoncasino are not the proceedings of any criminal or illegal activity or origin.

  • That he will not deposit funds with a deposit method that he is not fully authorized to use, and that he will not use any deposit method in a jurisdiction where the games of chance of Madisoncasino are illegal.

  • That he will not commit any crime that directly or indirectly implies his Madisoncasino account.

  • That he does not have any other active account with Madisoncasino.

  • That he is entitled to open a user account, entitled to pay for the services of Madisoncasino, to use these services and to take part in the games of chance offered.

With his registration, the user agrees that a notification by email from Madisoncasino to his registered email address will be considered as valid and legally binding. For certain functionalities the email address validation must be completed.

Madisoncasino has the right to cancel without prior warning any registrations with nicknames that are disturbing, insulting, racists, sexist or vulgar. Credits on such a user account will be void.

2. Access to Madisoncasino

The user declares that he will only login into and play in his own user account.

The user is responsible for keeping his user account details private, especially his password. It is the sole responsibility of the user if he entrusts his user account and login details to another person. The user is solely and fully responsible for all activity in his user account. Madisoncasino will bear no responsibility whatsoever for unauthorized activity in the user account, misuse of the user account, misuse of the login details or any other fraudulent use of the user account, even if the user had no knowledge of this activity.

Users are not allowed to login to their user account using a false or hidden IP address.

The Belgium Gaming Commission can refuse access to online gaming in certain cases by verifying the identity details to the EPIS database. Madisoncasino is not responsible if a user’s access is restricted by the Belgian Gaming Commission.

It is prohibited to open a user account or to execute transactions on the website if the user is domiciled in a territory in which the opening of a user account and/ or the use of our services is illegal or contrary to applicable law. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that online gambling is legal in his jurisdiction.

Madisoncasino reserves the right to immediately terminate any user account, without prior warning, which has been opened by a user from another country where opening a user account and/or using our services is prohibited according to our information.

Madisoncasino can in no way be held responsible for questions relating to legislation.

3. Processing and management of personal data

The user’s data will be processed in compliance with data protection regulations as described in the privacy statement.

4. Close account

A user can close his account at any time. A user account can not be reopened like clearly stated in the multiple warnings the user receives. Remaining credits should be withdrawn before closing the user account. an administrative fee of €5 will be charged on the remaining credits per month the user does not claim his remaining funds. Remaining funds can be withdrawn if the necessary documents, conform to the AML regulations, are present or provided to
Remaining funds can be transfered to the users new account, only if the user can prove ownership of both the old and new account.

If a user wishes to open a new user account, it can only be opened 7 days after closing the previous user account.

User who want to temporarly close their account as a preventive measure or any other reason should request a Playing break. (see Art. 11.a playing break)

Madisoncasino has the discretionary right to refuse access to a user, suspend or close a user account at any time without prior notification.

Madisoncasino has the right to restrict access for a user to certain features, games and/or parts of the website.

If a user account is inactive for 12 months, the user account will be closed and an administrative fee of €5 will be charged on the remaining credits per month the user does not claim his remaining funds. Remaining funds can be withdrawn if the necessary documents, conform to the AML regulations, are present or provided to
Remaining funds can be transfered to the users new account, only if the user can prove ownership of both the old and new account.

If a user account is closed for reasons of irresponsible gaming, addiction or fraudulent use of the user, the user may not open a new user account with Madisoncasino. Madisoncasino cannot be held liable if the user nevertheless manages to open a new user account, nor for any direct or indirect consequential damage. Madisoncasino can close such a user account, that was opened in violation of this section at any time, without prior warning.


Madisoncasino manages the bets and wins in the user account. The user can view his last transactions on his user account.

A user account is opened, managed and settled in euros. All transactions that require recourse to the relevant exchange rates in accordance with recognized financial institutions are calculated and settled at the current applicable exchange rates. However, differences can occur between agreed amounts and the registered amounts due to variable exchange rates. Commissions can be charged for exchanges.

1. Deposits

The user can only deposit to his user account with his personal card or via his personal account created with one of the financial institutions or their licensees.

The e-wallets that can be used to deposit money on the user account do not accept credit cards as a method of payment. 

Pursuant to the provisions of the R.D. of 25 October 2018, after registration, a user has a standard weekly deposit limit of EUR 200.00. This means that the maximum total amount that the User can deposit each week (this is a moving "weekly window", meaning that the week is calculated on the basis of the last 7 days and moves continuously) into his/her User account is set at 200 EUR by default (hereinafter the "Standard Weekly Deposit Limit").

The User may request at any time to decrease the Standard Weekly Deposit Limit.

A request to reduce the Standard Weekly Deposit Limit will be effective immediately.
The User may request to increase the Standard Weekly Deposit Limit. To remove the Standard Weekly Deposit Limit, the User should visit the Deposits page and request the removal of the Standard Weekly Deposit Limit.

Madisoncasino shall bring this request to the attention of the Gaming Commission in electronic form. The Gaming Commission will then check with the National Bank of Belgium whether the User is known to be in default of payment in the file of the Central Individual Credit Register (CICR) of the National Bank of Belgium.

A request to increase the Standard Weekly Deposit Limit above 200 EUR will only be granted if the User is not known to be in default with the CICR and after a cooling off period foreseen by the legal framework is applied.

The Gaming Commission will check monthly with the National Bank of Belgium whether the User to whom an increase of his Standard Weekly Deposit Limit beyond 200 EUR has been granted appears in the file of the CICR. If the User appears in the CICR, the authorization of the increase of his Standard Weekly Deposit Limit is terminated and the User will be informed by Madisoncasino.

Madisoncasino shall not be responsible for the legal provisions applicable in the User’s country of origin and the User shall remain personally responsible for knowing the laws of the country of origin of his personal card or bank account being used for transfers/withdrawals.

2. Withdrawals

A user can withdraw funds from his “balance” under certain conditions. The user is only allowed to request withdrawals of funds held on his user account with Madisoncasino to his personal account created with one of the financial institutions or their licensees. Withdrawals can only be made by means approved by Madisoncasino and with a minimum of 10,00 EUR.

In order to be able to request a withdrawal, a user is responsible for providing Madisoncasino with the correct details of his personal account and needs to validate his email address and have his identity details verified. Madisoncasino has the right to perform more security checks at any moment such as verification of address, bank card, etc. by requesting a proof of address, bank documents, color scan of bank cards or other verifications to its sole discretion. The withdrawal will be on hold until the security check has been completed successfully. Failure to verify these documents on time or at all can lead to the cancellation of the withdrawal, or even closure of the account and cancellation of credits.

Request of withdrawals that exceed 2.000 EUR shall only be carried out after a thoroughly verification in order to counter money laundering and terrorism financing.

Users may withdraw a maximum of 10.000/25.000/100.000 EUR per day/week/month. At its sole discretion, Madisoncasino may increase these limits on an individual player basis. Withdrawals and verifications are carried out during business days.

Withdrawals can be delayed by security checks and reviews of winnings and user activities. An enquiry into the gameplay and the winnings can delay the payment up to 60 business days.

Failure to comply with the conditions may result in a refusal of a withdrawal.

3. Security

A user must not allow third parties to use his user account to play, to communicate with Madisoncasino or to make deposits to or withdrawals from his user account.

It is not possible to cancel deposited funds and receive a refund directly. The deposit amount needs to be fully played through (100%), only the winnings resulting from the stakes of these deposits can be withdrawn. This is to prevent any form of money laundering.

All transactions on Madisoncasino are subject to checks on anti-money laundering and fraud. Every suspicious transaction will be reported to the competent authorities.

Madisoncasino has the right to confiscate and/ or refuse to execute a request to withdrawal in the event that the regulations, directly or indirectly, have been violated, criminal and/or other illegal activities have been taken place with regard to an online game of chance and/or the management of a user account.

To comply with the conditions of certain payment providers and to comply with regulations, in certain cases credits can only be withdrawn to the account from where the credits were originally funded (closed loop). It is also possible that deposit methods are restricted if the “balance” contains credits from a deposit method with closed loop restrictions.

The amount of anonymous deposits and withdrawals is strictly limited to comply with regulations.

Madisoncasino has the right to block a user account for risk management if the balance amount poses a liquidity risk. In such a case, the user will not be able to play but will be able to withdraw his balance.

Administrative costs can be charged for deposits or withdrawals.


The user declares to fully understand the rules of each game on Madisoncasino before participating. The user can play most of the games in demo mode for free to see how the games work. The user acknowledges that participating in a game of chance can bring a financial loss.

Game providers have the right to change the rules of any game at any time without prior written notification.

It is strictly prohibited to hack or change, directly or indirectly, the outcome of the games. The user declares to refrain from manipulation or communication among players that would endanger the equality of other players.

Madisoncasino has a discretionary right at any time to block and/ or cancel the participation of the user in the services, and /or confiscate the available funds in the account if the user is suspected of cheating, or if the user has used a system (including machines, robots, computers, software, or any other automated system) that is designed or able to circumvent the customer application and/or the software used to offer services.

Gaming systems and tactics which are not an integral part of the game (for example but not limited to collusion with other players, using or abusing any bug, exploit or unintended behaviour in games or software, the use of external software, avoiding wagering requirements of boosts and bonusses) are prohibited.

1. Bets and wins

To participate in a game, a user needs to bet an amount at the start of the game. The bet amount will be deducted from the Balance on his user account. After the game has ended, any wins will be credited to his user account.

If the balance of a user account is insufficient, the user will not be able to play or finish the game, but the user will first need to deposit funds in the user account to increase the user account balance.

Madisoncasino has the general right to cancel any bet at any time.

2. Technical interruptions

Participating in online games comes with technological limits of the internet, which are understood and accepted by the user, such as, without limitation:

  • Technical challenges and risks, data loss, latencies, connection time outs and interruptions, and other general issues and risks inherent to a remote connection and transmission.

  • Security issues upon transmission.

  • Failure in the protection of data.

  • Risks of virus infection on the internet.

Madisoncasino will take all reasonable measures to ensure that when a bet is placed and the remote connection is lost, a user can continue the game after the connection is restored. This can however not be guaranteed.

If this is, for any reason, impossible, then the game will be closed, and the bet amount will be refunded to the user account.

If a game session is interrupted by the user or due to a technical issue, Madisoncasino will try to restore the session. The technical report by Madisoncasino on the game session will be final and decisive in this matter.

In the event of a game being interrupted prematurely due to a technical error by Madisoncasino, Madisoncasino will refund the bet to the user account. The technical report by Madisoncasino on the game session will be final and decisive in this matter.

In the event of Madisoncasino been found liable in any way by a court of law and/or a similar authority with legal competence and/or jurisdiction over Madisoncasino, then Madisoncasino’s liability is limited to the amount of the stake, or the user’s net winnings, whichever is the lesser. Alternatively, when relevant and applicable, the amount recorded in the Madisoncasino user account or the amount transferred into or out of the Madisoncasino user account, whichever is the lesser.

In case of any erratic behavior of a game, the user will immediately inform Madisoncasino of such behavior. Wins from games with anomalies or erratic behavior (e.g. erratic payments in the game, technical issues, etc.) will be void and immediately debited from the user account.

3. Balance and bonus

Bonuses are currently not available on Madisoncasino due to legal reasons.

If bonuses are applicable to Madisoncasino, the conditions described in this article apply. In the event that bonuses are not applicable to Madisoncasino, the provisions regarding bonuses do not apply.

A user account at Madisoncasino has 2 types of balances: "Balance" and "Bonus”.

The cash “Balance” contains the credits deposited by the user in his user account by means of available deposit methods, and the wins of games played with cash credits. The credits on this balance are also called cash credits and can be used to play on Madisoncasino.

The balance does not yield any interest. Madisoncasino is not a financial institution.

The “Bonus” contains the bonus credits a user can obtain in certain cases, using bonus codes and/or bonus actions such as deposit bonus, free bonus, wins of free spins, and the wins of games played with bonus credits, etc. Bonus credits can be used under certain conditions to play on some but not all games on Madisoncasino, they have no money value and can thus not be withdrawn. The wins from games played with bonus credits are credited in the “bonus” balance and hence cannot be withdrawn neither.

The user can only be paid for credits in the "Balance" account. The user is in no case entitled to be paid credits from the "Bonus" account.

When placing a bet on Madisoncasino, the balances of the user will be debited in the following order:

  1. "Balance"

  2. "Bonus"

If the credits in the “Balance” are not sufficient to fulfill the bet amount, the “Bonus” credits will be used to fulfill the unfilled portion of the bet amount.

Bonus credits are subject to a playthrough. The bonus credits that have reached the pre-set playthrough, will be credited in the cash “balance” and can be withdrawn. The user can only withdraw funds from his “Balance” credits. The conditions of the playthrough will depend on several parameters such as the loyalty rank, the net deposit, the number of bets with cash credits, the total bets, the types of games played, etc.

Bonus credits have a validity limited in time. The user can check the validity of his bonuses in the bonus overview. When bonus credits are no longer valid, they are void and removed from the bonus balance and from the balance overview.

Bonuses needs to be activated by the user. Only one bonus can be active at a time. Each bonus has a specific playthrough. Only when the playthrough has been reached, the total bonus balance will be transferred to the withdrawable balance.

Bonuses are only given out once per IP address, national number, phone number or other unique personal data to prevent fraud.

It is prohibited to misuse a bonus. Misuse of a bonus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Breach of conditions regarding the bonus.

  • Opening or using multiple user accounts, which is prohibited under any circumstances, in order to obtain multiple bonuses.

  • Any other violation of the Terms regarding the conditions of the bonus campaign.

Madisoncasino has the right to correct “Balance” and “Bonus” credits when there is suspicion of fraud or misuse by the user. In such an event, Madisoncasino has the right to cancel the bonus credits, cancel any wins or cash credits providing from these bonus credits without prior notification, block the access to certain products and services and/or exclude the user from further bonus campaigns. Such behavior will be deemed fraud and Madisoncasino will have the right to close such user account immediately.

Furthermore, Madisoncasino has the right to:

  • Change or cancel the bonuses at any time without prior notification.

  • The bonus credits obtained by the users, can at any time, and without prior notice, be withdrawn by Madisoncasino.

  • Limit the users play with bonus credits in time, amount and/or in type of game.

  • Offer a specific bonus to a specific customer or customer group.

  • Limit deposit bonuses to certain deposit methods.

  • Limit bonuses to certain customers or customer group.

  • Modify the conditions regarding playthrough.


In case a user wishes to lodge a complaint, he will do this by means of email to

After a complaint has been sent, an inquiry will be carried out into the operation of the game to which the complaint relates.

Madisoncasino will inform the user of the result of his complaint within thirty (30) business days after the date of reception of the original complaint. If it appears to be impossible to handle a complaint within this stipulated period, Madisoncasino will inform the user.

For a complaint to be valid, it needs to contain clear and well-defined information about the user identity and account name, and all relevant and well documented details of the issue at hand. A complaint needs to be received by Madisoncasino within seven (7) days of the incurrence of the issue, otherwise Madisoncasino reserve the right to in its sole discretion, not to accept the complaint.

Madisoncasino and the user will try to find an amicable solution within a reasonable time.


Trademarks, logo's, graphical designs, photo’s, animations, video's, texts and other distinctive marks and signs on the website are the intellectual property of Madisoncasino or of its partners. Reproduction or use of these are strictly prohibited without prior agreement.


The user acknowledges and understands that games of chance can be addictive. The user who opens a user account with Madisoncasino declares and guarantees to not have a gambling problem and never have been diagnosed or treated for problem gambling.

Within the framework of responsible gaming, the user has the option to set a deposit limit per day / week / month. This in accordance with the provisions regarding the default weekly deposit limit as stipulated in art. 7.a. When removing or requesting a higher limit, a cooldown period of 3 days will be applied. Decreasing the limit is effective immediately.

Kindly be advised that gambling can be addictive. If a player deems to require help to overcome any such addiction, they should kindly visit the website of the Belgium Gaming Commission where all kinds of information can be found on responsible gaming (folders, useful addresses, etc.): The Belgium Gaming Commission also offers the possibility to be excluded for an unlimited time from all online casino’s, online sports betting sites, online poker sites and land-based casinos and gambling halls in Belgium.

The user who has closed his user account can open a new user account at any time. The closing of an account does not provide protection of the player against excessive gambling and is not an alternative for the legal self-exclusion provided by the Belgian Gaming Commission. Players seeking protection should contact the Belgian Gaming Commission, more info on

1. Playing break

Madisoncasino offers a playing break option if the user has the feeling, he can no longer control his gambling behavior and needs help to stop. On the user's request, Madisoncasino may prevent access to the user account during the period that the user has set. As far as possible, Madisoncasino will make its best efforts to prevent it from opening other accounts for a user who excluded himself.

If the user wishes to use the playing break service, he should use this link to set up the playing break and follow the described steps. The self-exclusion service is only possible for registered users.

Playing break is a joint undertaking by Madisoncasino and the user. During the exclusion period, the user may not attempt to reopen his user account or set up a new one by any means, including via third party identity.

Madisoncasino shall not be held responsible for the fact that the user is no longer able to play on the site due to his playing break.